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Its almost been 21 years after I have first breath the air on earth. Ofcourse I almost don’t remember my first five years, so maybe they don’t count, but as for the rest 16 years (which makes me 16 years young), I remember most of it. Or if I really get to think about it, what is it after 16 years of remembered years, that I really do remember?
Most of all, there are my families, all lying around in my memories, somehow giving warm feelings everytime I remember them. How can you forget them? And then there are my friends, those who were my friends and the ones I still consider friends even when we never really get to meet anymore. In a bit of a highlight, there are also the teachers, the good ones and the bad ones, who helped teaching me who I am. My enemies are also remember able, from the ones who beat me(of whom I look back smiling) and the ones who talk behind my back, the backstabbing bitches of eternity.
What I really do remember about my long yet very short life is how other people leave a certain impression on me. I don’t really remember anything else. I do remember places and beautiful and interesting things in life, but the highlight of my life will always be about those people who come and go, making life so much more interesting.
If I have to break down all the good memories in life, I would almost certainly come up with a story of me with a friend somewhere doing something interesting. So now as I am trying to breakdown my best birthdays, and what I would love to have this year, I can only come to one conclusion. What I really want for my birthday is to have all my friends get out of their busy schedule for 1 or 2 hours and get them all to talk about how they are doing just like old times, Because in life what matters most are the people in it, and no one can buy them for me. So lets just hope that I am still rich enough to get my wish this year, dear friends are you all coming? Because I miss you all the most, and you are all I want.