Some People may see me as someone unwilling to meet people, or to spend time with people. Some even go too far by stating that I seem like someone who does not need other people. Of course as I reflect myself, I am entirely sure that this is not true.

I love my friends. The people from my Civil Engineering world are actually very lovely indeed, but  the loveliness of them and also my great love towards my own lust for knowledge in the Civil Engineering world does not hold me back on doing what I think is right, and in this context doing right is doing my duty and responsibility in everything I have agreed upon.

For me life is like a bowl of limitation. Everything that’s seems irresistible and nourishing at first, will somehow give you a burden of limitations. A burden of responsibilities. In life I guess I have an attitude of trying to do my best on everything, and sometimes forcing myself way to much for it. And this attitude has somehow brought me into  a world of even more responsibilities.

Of course the more things you do do right, the more you put yourself in a place where people are expecting you to keep doing the right thing, and your responsibilities become even greater.

I like to complain about it, and I like to think really bad about my life because of it. But yesterday I had a chance to reflect on to myself and see that with this Burden of responsibilities I have in life,  I have actually have learned lot, and with the challenges I faced along the way I got a chance to strengthen my very weak personality and increase my self esteem.

And although these burden of responsibilities have driven me far from my friends and from my world, my safety zone, I have found that even so in a place I would not have expected at first, I have found other friends, other worlds and another safety zone. I am very lucky indeed. So tell me life, what other challenge should I take?