in a weird world as mine you will see that in many cases, two heads are always better than one, but in contrary, if you were given more than two heads, three heads for example, you will see that three heads will not be better than two, sometimes three isnt even better than one.

It is a strange world for sure, where the sum of heads are not equal nor linear to the growth of quality of the output of these heads.

You must consider this a phenomenon, only for weird worlds as mine (maybe in yours to), that the more people gather, the more the real purpose of their gathering dissapears.

sometimes, the gathering becomes not a way to exchange mind for the better good, the gathering becomes the better good. which then dissolves the whole purpose of the gathering, because the heads then will enjoy the gathering to much to spoil it with the purpose.

which will then leave you dissapointed of the times you wasted with other heads, and force you to forget the better good you felt because of the other heads, which will force you to really get nothing out of those heads!

there are no preliminaries of how to socialize or how to behave, or how to set a purpose, things don’t always get done as planned, but they might actually work out anyway, so why push it?

you see, you must always remember that the future comes one day at a time.

to get to where you want, in a weird world, you must simply trust your instincts and foolishly (I say foolishly) go for what you want. what happens will always happen and no head has ever thought of how to stop time or even go back to it.

gather with other heads, and talk it out, you might actually get something out of it. but if you really need something out of it, try gather two heads first, before three. (in a weird world)