Ive been obsessed with this movie When Harry Met Sally since I was a little girl, although then I understood none of it. I loved the old people talking about how they met each other when they were younger, although when I was little, I understood no english, and the movie wasnt dubbed then, and even if it was subtitled, I wasnt one with a reading ability.

But still I was obsessed. Which proofs that obsession moves beyond the boundaries of languages. As I grew older, and my understanding of english became clearer, I came to love the movie even more.

The plot of this story is my fairytale. I was never obsessed with cinderella and such other fairytales with princesses waiting longingly for their prince, I was obsessed with my own fairytale, a story where a bestfriend will become the love of your life.

Maybe thats why all the guys I liked the most in my 20 years of living on earth were good friends of mine.

My greatest joy would be to have a friend with whom I could share all my thoughts with, and find myself loving him madly for it, and find him love me back.

But life isnt a fairytale, things like that dont happen to everyone. and even though I would kill to be one of those old pairs sitting on that red chair, to tell people how my story went, I cant help but think that maybe, just maybe, love doesnt happen to everyone. Maybe only few lucky people get to have it, and the rest of us should simply settle for less: a life.