people have talked about it, and I’ve watched the footage about it on TV, and although it hurts to see all the suffering, that is happening to innocent people in Gaza, it still doesn’t feel real to me.I  goggled it (automatically), hoping to get some answers, on a war of which reasons are not-clear. .
I’ve tried to read some articles regarding this issue, from as much sources, because I want to be objective. I am a Muslim, but I need to be objective, part of being a Muslim is admitting that we have made mistakes, at least, with that way of thinking I started to unravel into finding more information about the war in Gaza.

Why did Israel attack Gaza?

The Israel people claim that they do it because the Hamas started it first. Note that in my writing I am not going to put the name palestine in it, because from what I read and believe, this is not a war of Palestinians against Israels, or of Muslims against Jews, its a war between Fatah and Hamas, and for them, its not war, its just a game, placed on a playground named gaza.

The war is for political interest, and as always, this war is supposed to serve for the better good. Safe millions, by killing thousands. On paper this makes total sense.

If you compare, how many people from each side have died because of the war (the score is now 6 to 400), you dont see how wrong it is. On paper, these are just numbers, but this number, whether six or 400, are each someone, who had daughters, and sons, or wives, and husbands, or someones child. it doesnt matter how many have died, but killing people is wrong, it might be acceptable in some circumstances, but still wrong.

this is a picture of how it looks like from a distance


if you click this you will see how it looks like closely.

People who go to war always claim that there is no other way to end it, no other way to achieve what you want, other than the war itself. but seriously, how can there be no other way? There are tons of other ways, but war -violence- is always the easiest.

i think that what they do, both Hamas and Fatah are sick. You dont attack children, the minute where you even think that thats allowable, thats the minute you lost it. And hiding behind children isnt really manly either. I myself think that If these men were really up to fight for what they believe in, why dont they take a break for a day or so, just to evacuate every single person inside Gaza who is not part of the war. And then when there are only those who actually have a business there, then you can kill each other in peace. That should be the code. That should be what real men do. because real Men dont kill the future, and the future has always been with the children and women.