Have I not seen it *and heard about it* with my own eyes, I would never have predicted that in my life will come a day where EVERYBODY seems to be interested in photography. It seems to me that the digital era has brought the world of my dad much and much closer to me. Although if I really come to think about it, photography has always been a big part of my life. But I spent many years to separate that world with mine. Although I benefit of my dad’s exquisite love towards photography, I do not like to think of myself as part of it. Never have I been interested in touching a camera. It seems to me that even though my dad always seems eager to teach me about his world, he never meant it. I don’t think he thinks I have ‘it’ in me. Maybe that’s why he critics every single shot I take, and maybe that’s why I’m not that in to photography.
I am jealous of the people around me, who are falling in to this world, rapidly, without hesitation. I am jealous of those who can take pictures of things they are in love with, of moments they want to take reminders of, of people they don’t want to get rid of, of colors they’ve never seen, of anything at all they like. But if I come to think about it, I am jealous of almost anyone who has the freedom to do whatever they please, I am jealous of anyone who has the liberty of being on their own. NO baggages, no responsibility. But even so, I am jealous of those who have the power to stand up for what they want, of those who are egoistical enough to say: I want this, and no one is going to stop me from having it.
Photography is just one thing out of many things in this world I would love to try out. For I only live once, and though I am still young, the years that has past, past too fast. I pray to God that the years ahead will come slower, and that I might live it fuller, shall I never wake up regretting the things I’ve done.
For I am ashamed of the jealousy I keep in my heart, for it is not their fault for being brave, it is my own for being cowardice. But if I had the choice, I would still live my life, the way I live it. For even in the limitation of my own responsibilities, I see that life is beautiful, dark and deep, and I will always have promises to keep, and long to go before I sleep.
photography kiss my ass!