Hai teman2 yang sangat saya sayangi, life is dull without you guys. And since I know that all our lifes are a bit hectic these days, I would like to propose a proposition, since this week (Oct 6th-12th, 2008), most of us are still on a college break, why dont we spent some time together? No need of watching movies, or eating food somewhere, just us, talking. Banyak banget hal yang pengen saya gunjingkan. Mostly about the future, about love lifes, about the past, or maybe about serious stuff, seriously anything at all. I would like to meet you guys (really), because I can talk to you about almost anything in mind, which I cant do with other people. And most importantly, sometimes, I guess, we all need to know that we still have our best friends to cover our back, no mather what.
Well anyway, this is just a preposition,minal aidzin semuanya…please get back to me.

Always and forever,