HOw I even began to get close with this guy is still one of the biggest mystery of my life. Everyone knows Im friendly but all wise people know that I pick my closest friends verry carefully. This Guy, although he is a very good friend of mine, had really given me a bad time at the beginning of our friendship. He’s just too annoying, too optimistic, too self-convincing, too positive, he was just too PURE. for someone like me, who has lived life happily in the grey area and filled with sceptisism, this guy is just Annoying.

What makes me envy him the most is his ability to do stuff that he really wants, he NEVER thinks of what people say about him. he NEVER spent time mourning about his life, his accomplishments, his work. He just does it, and he refuses to work on things he didnt like(like math and stuff), I always thought that this behaviour is irresponsible. but he must’ve done something right when he is the one actually leaving to start a life.

And Im still just a little girl waiting for life to start. Really. How envious.

But still I miss him. he is one of few to whom I dont need to pretend to be anyone else but myself. thank you for alway believing in me, even when I didnt believe in you. hehe. Miss you Irfan.