I believe there are many kinds of bridges. Such as the bridge of mostar that magically unites the muslim and the christians world, somehow showing that maybe we aren’t that different after all. Mostar is just an obvious example, if you come to think about it sunsets are bridges from light to darkness and sunrises are bridges from dark to light.
Non-existence is a tricky thing, since you cant ever really experience it.But apparently it happened and somehow along the ways of the universe you got born. And what bridges you from that state of non-existence into being was: your mom.
The beauty about Mom is that the bridge she build does not end only to where we became beings, she also bridges us to the sides of adulthood.
I for instance havent crossed that bridge at all. I’ve been walking back and forth my bridge because it is safe. The kind of protection only a Mom can give. What Ive been wondering about is what if the bridge ends somehow along the way? What if you are pushed to cross over? Even when you arent ready?
And this is where I got stuck.
I must confess that Ive never really put much thought in it. Moms have always been there and for all I care they will always be there.
A Mom just died last night.
I didnt know her, but I knew her son. And at this time when he is mourning I wonder whether her death has affected him. Will he change? Will he sudenly become a person I dont know? Will he be able to live life as ussual? Because if this is true then her death will affect me too. Because she was a bridge. Because she was a Mom. Because I have a Mom. And I questioned this, what will happen if my bridge fell down? And I was startled, I trully dont know.
But this should not be just about my Mom. Its about his Mom and about all the other Moms that has bridged us over to existence. And how thankfull we should be for that favor they’ve given us. Despite our obvious missunderstanding some of the times, well maybe most.
But let us not forget that we grew inside her. That once upon a time not so long a go we ate what she ate and tickled her inside just to get some space.
Was it worth it? Can we trully say that she should never regret being our mother? Can we pay the same prize? Are we capable of giving the same amount that was egoistically monopolised by us to our children?
Wise words were written about Moms, they say that good mothers arent the ones to lean to but the ones who make leaning not needable. I simply hope for his sake that his mother has made him strong enough to face the day she burned down his safety bridge down with her. Because l care for him. I trully do.